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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Beverley Minster

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Beverley Minster photo page


Pelican in her Piety; there are six young in the nest.

Left Supporter - Pelican standing with outstretched wings.

Right Supporter - Pelican tuned to the left pecking at its claw.


Ape on horseback, face to tail, holding mane with the left hand. Behind man raises a club.

Left Supporter - Ape riding a cat which he combs with a large comb.

Right Supporter - Boy riding a pig and holding its tail.


Winged demi-angel in alb bearing in front the Sacred heart.

Supporters - Fruit and foliage.


Shield charged a fess between three weights two and one. Scroll inscribed William Wight Tempore Cancellarius Hujus Ecclecie.

Left Supporter - Man with weight in each hand.

Right Supporter - A man holding scales and raising his foot from the ground.


Lion and dragon fighting.

Left Supporter - Seated ape holding baby.

Right Supporter - Seated ape holding urine flask.


Pedlar asleep while eight apes ransack his pack; one is looking at a mirror, another is passing articles to the others.

Left Supporter - Ape seated on a leaf holding out his hand for his share.

Right Supporter - Cat in a tree, ape below with a stick.


Shield charged a fess between three weights two and one.

Left Supporter - Man in hood and liripipe, lifting two weights.

Right Supporter - Man walking carrying two weights.


Conventional foliage.

Supporters - Leaf.


Woman standing [upper part broken off]; on her right a man kneeling and blowing fire with bellows; on her left man chopping wood with


Supporters - Fruit and foliage.


Two men dragging a wicker cage in which lies a bear. In the centre, man standing, holding staff with both hands.

Left Supporter - Man muzzling crouching bear.

Right Supporter - Man muzzling bear standing on hind legs.


Seated man in cap holding sheep; another man astride a ram that he is shearing.

Left Supporter - Shepherd with crook stroking dog.

Right Supporter - Two rams butting.


Shield charged quarterly 1st and 4th , three billets below three besants; 2nd and 3rd, chevron between three mullets two and one;

supported by griffins.

Left Supporter - Pelican in her piety below scroll with arma magistri Thome.

Right Supporter - Doe gorged and chained, lying on a tun, behind scroll with donyngto ‘[n]p’ [re] centoris huis ecclie.


Two men pulling a rope attached to a muzzled bear; from left another wheels a barrow to receive bear.

Left Supporter - Man holding dog’s muzzle to prevent barking.

Right Supporter - Muzzled bear.


Dead stag being cut up by two men.

Left Supporter - Man with hound on leash.

Right Supporter - Man with five hounds blowing horn.


Huntsman with dogs attacking bear; two men running, one with staff, the other blowing horn.

Left Supporter - Man with whip over cowering ape.

Right Supporter - Bear dancing to bagpipes played by seated ape.


Ape on horse leading three muzzled bears, preceded by dog.

Left Supporter - Muzzled bear.

Right Supporter - Ape holding dog/ fox as if to play it like bagpipes.


Man between two dragons whose tails surround him.

Left Supporter - Hooded man spearing snail.

Right Supporter - Man entering a sack.


Sow on hind legs playing bagpipes, trough in front, four piglets dancing.

Left Supporter - Saddled pig.

Right Supporter - Sow playing harp.


Three hounds running in front of man with bow and arrow [broken]; a fox puts his head out of the earth.

Left Supporter - Monkey riding a fox.

Right Supporter - Ape nursing or shriving a fox in bed.


Fox running away with goose, chased by women; to left, farmhouse with child standing in doorway; behind fox and four geese.

Left Supporter - Two seated foxes facing each other.

Right Supporter - Fox looking over his shoulder, a goose under his paws.


Grapes and foliage.

Supporters - Bunch of grapes and vine leaves.


Demon running after woman [damaged].

Left Supporter - Hooded man seated before money chest counting his money; head of demon peeps over his shoulder.

Right Supporter - Demon encouraging glutton.


Fruit and foliage.

Supporters - Flower and leaves.


Owl holding mouse.

Supporters - Leaf.


Two cranes eating from sack.

Supporters - Crane.


Cat seizing mouse.

Left Supporter - Cat playing viol to four dancing kittens.

Right Supporter - Cat tossing mouse.


SB-06 Hare riding fox.

Left Supporter - Man drawing bow.

Right Supporter - Rabbits.


Lion and deer.

Left Supporter - Lion crowned couchant.

Right Supporter - Unicorn scratching its head with hind foot.


Two demi-figures of carvers wearing tight jerkins, quarrelling; one raises a mallet, the other holds a chisel.

Left Supporter - Man wearing cap puts his left hand derisively to his nose.

Right Supporter - Man in flat cap raises his hands.


Mermaid or dolphin [damaged]

Left Supporter - Large fish seizing smaller.

Right Supporter - Three fishes interlaced in triangle.



Supporters - Foliage.


Joshua and Caleb carrying a large bunch of grapes on a branch.

Left Supporter - Vine-leaf and tendril.

Right Supporter - Leaf and grapes.


Two lions couchant.

Left Supporter - Square foliated ornament.


Elephant with large castle on his back, his ears webbed like a bat’s, being driven by ape with staff; porcupine leads the way.

Left Supporter - Camel couchant.

Right Supporter - Lion.


Stag seized by hounds with spiked collars, and being pierced with a spear by man in tight jerkin.

Left Supporter - Man riding caparisoned horse and winding a horn.

Right Supporter - Doe scratching her head with her left foot.


Man piercing lion with spear.

Left Supporter - Lion.

Right Supporter - Lion with protruding tongue.



Supporters - Foliage


Fox in hood in a pulpit preaching to seven geese; behind him is an ape as a clerk, with a goose slung on a pole.

Left Supporter - Owl.

Right Supporter - Man shoeing a goose.


Man in short tunic, gypciere hanging from his belt, holding a hawk on his wrist; another holds two hounds in leash.

Left Supporter - Dog with bone, below a scroll inscribed Johannes Sperke

Right Supporter - Cock, below a scroll inscribed clericus fabrici


Deer browsing.

Left Supporter - Hart leaping.

Right Supporter - Doe and fawn.


Fox hanged by six geese holding the rope in their beaks.

Left Supporter - Fox and two sleeping geese.

Right Supporter - Ape takes the rope from the dead fox.


Foliate mask with tongue protruding.

Left Supporter - Man chopping branch from tree.

Right Supporter - Conventional foliage.


Two monsters, one human-headed.

Left Supporter - Dog grasping a pole.

Right Supporter- Dog-headed ape.


Man in belted tunic warming hands at fire; woman [broken] chases dog which has stolen meat from the pot.

Left Supporter - Man with apron over short tunic, kneeling before a pot washing platters

Right Supporter - Man pulling up his hose; shoes on ground, wallet hung on wall.


Man on horse, before him a harvest cart [damaged] {The cart before the horse}

Left Supporter- Cow lying down.

Right Supporter - Girl milking with pail.


Shield charged, fes between three birds, two and one; supported by hawk and hound.

Left Supporter - Dove, above a scroll inscribed arma wilhelmi tait doctoris.

Right Supporter - Hawk, above a scroll inscribed thesaurari huis ecclie 1520.


Man wearing cot-hardi and round cap, spearing boar, his hound seizes another boar by the ear.

Supporters - Conventional roses.


Wodehouse with long hair fighting dragon.

Supporters - Fruit.


Bust of man with tight-fitting cap with brim turned up at sides, with his fingers stretching the corners of his mouth.

Supporters - Lion’s mask with protruding tongue.


Cock crowing {emblem of St. Peter}

Left Supporter - Cock pluming himself.

Right Supporter - Two cocks fighting perched on a barrel.


Man wheeling virago in a barrow; she wears a kerchief on her head and full-necked dress, and is holding on to the man’s hair {damaged}.

Left Supporter - Man lifting beam.

Right Supporter - Woman holding dog by its neck.


Woman standing and seizing man by his hair, dog helping himself from pot.

Left Supporter - Woman grinding hand-mill.

Right Supporter - Man chopping.


Dragon-headed bird with a human face carved on its breast.

Supporters - Small dragon.


Demi-angel in alb.

Left Supporter - Grapes and vine-leaves.

Right Supporter - Rose and leaves.


Three jesters, hand-in-hand, dancing, wearing hoods with long ears and scalloped tunics.

Left Supporter - Jester kneeling and holding staff and bladder.

Right Supporter - Jester playing fife and tabor.


Two lions seated, one crowned.

Left Supporter - Boar.

Right Supporter - Hawk.


Two men fighting; the right hand one has a shield, sword and scabbard: the other is nude and holds a dagger. Jael smites a tent-nail into

Sisera’s head{?}

Supporters - Leaf.



Left Supporter - Man seated, feeding hawk on wrist.

Right Supporter - Hawk seizing pigeon.


Rose-tree with four roses.

Supporters - Rose.


Hawk flying after bat.

Supporters - Bird scratching head.


Lion with paw on prostrate man.

Left Supporter - Wyvern.

Right Supporter - Griffin.


Two birds on jester’s head pecking long-eared hood.

Left Supporter - Goose pluming itself.

Right Supporter - Swan swimming.


Bust of jester wearing long-eared hood; he is putting right fore-finger in his mouth and left hand over his eye.

Left Supporter - Flying goose.

Right Supporter - Goose pluming itself.


Owl attacked by four small birds.

Supporters - Hawk.


Two dragons.

Left Supporter - Raven on branch.

Right Supporter - Dove on foliage.


Bust of jester wearing long-eared hood, grinning.

Left Supporter - Face laughing.

Right Supporter - Hooded head, mouth puckered.



Supporters - Leaf.


Hen and five chickens.

Left Supporter - Cock scratching his comb.

Right Supporter - Hen sitting on chickens, one on her back.

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