medieval misericords misericord misericorde misericordes Miserere Misereres choir stalls
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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Sherborne Abbey

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Bust of man with hood surmounted by foliage

Supporters - Stiff leaf foliage.


Man grimacing and pulling his mouth sideways with his hands . He has flowing drapery.


The last Judgement Christ sitting on the Vault of Heaven and showing the wounds in his hands and feet.

Supporters - Dead rising from their graves and holding out their hands in entreaty.


Foliate mask with elaborate foliage design

Supporters - Foliage.


Foliage design

Supporters - Foliage.


Legend of St Margaret. A girl with flowing hair And a circlet on her forehead kneels in prayer with hands together on the body of a dragon.

Supporters - Foliage.


Chained monkey

Supporters - Foliage.


Man, with boy, holding book, prone across his knee. He uncovers the boy’s bottom with his left hand and with his right hand raises a birch to strike.

Left Supporter - Two boys seated with books

Right Supporter - Boy seated with legs crossed.


Boy on one knee drawing a bow and shooting left.

Left Supporter - Boy holding a bow and riding an elaborately shaped

Right Supporter - Boy riding a lion.


Woman beating a man

Supporters - Foliage.

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Sherborne Abbey