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A Brief Biography of George Pace

English Architect George Pace 1915-1975, was born in Croydon Surrey.

During his formative years he became a member of the Society of Antiquaries and won many prizes as a student including the Pugin studentship in 1937 and the RIBA Asphitel prize for the best architectural student in England.

Mackintosh was an early influence and a fellow student quoted "whilst most of the students enthused about Lloyd Wright or Gropius, George was more concerned with the ideas of William Morris, Lethaby and Burges". (taken from The Architecture of George Pace by Peter Pace, Batsford, London, 1990)

Pace, however declared a respect for Gropius whilst at the same time pursuing a passion for medieval Gothic nurtured by his childhood years drawing churches with his father.

During the early stages of his practice, Pace developed a strong relationship with the Ecclesiastical. He formed a close bond with the Dean of York Minster and through his patronage became architect to several major Cathedrals.

Pace believed strongly in the tradition of skill and craftsmanship and developed long lasting relationships with several firms.

Pace's later designs for completely new buildings were rooted in this unique mix of the modern and the conservative, the Gropius and the Morris. Added to this mix, was the belief that industrial architecture was an underestimated art form.